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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mindy and Nate

Mindy and Nate have waited long enough, and I will not make them wait until March for their pictures... I have so much to post when March rolls around, and I am so excited to get back into the swing of things. But, for now I have had a fantastic February, and thank you for all of the fun comments, and mostly for your patience. I am enjoying 1 more week of album design before I will return in all of my glory to my beloved blog!!!

So these two have been a blast to work with. I absolutely DIG Mindy's classic look. I think that is why I love their pictures in B&W, they just fit. They remind me of a good looking couple who was married in the early 50's. She is not vintage, but just has that classic look. Ok, enough, I have said a lot about nothing, so let's get to it!


Let me know what you think, and I will see you again on March 1!


Jinksee said...

Such great photos. :D You captured the best moments of the day for them..that's clear. I love the purple umbrella..brings out a perfect pop of color. :D

Alvord Photography said...

These are all beautiful. What a brave pride for making it through the cold. I hope you are enjoying your time "off" and i can't wait to see all your posts in March.

Jennifer said...

Gotta love the purple Umbrella! She does have a very classic look to her. My favorite is the second one... You captured the true essence of how a bride feels on her wedding day. Amazing photos!

Leslie said...

Being from Seattle, I can really appreciate a good umbrella! Love the punch of color. My favorite is the last one... Props to you Kellee!

Michelle said...

your right, so clasic! I'm in a little bit of a Feb funk. I thought I would drop in for some much appreciated inspiration. And as always, I'm uplifted and rejuvinated just by browsing through your work. I'm so grateful to people like you (And very much your sister! I don't think she knows the impact she has had on me.) Who are so fun and willing to share your insight. I missed WPPI this year. But I'm definately going to have to go next year. That shoot must have be outstanding. Anyway, random rant but thanks! What a beautiful bride!