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This blog is so much fun for me as an artist, and I am so excited to continually add new images!
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Vegas Baby...

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas to the WPPI convention and trade show. I had a great time. I went with my sister Shellee who is a photographer in St. George Utah. We had a blast. We ate great buffet food (we were in Vegas after all), we met some amazing photographers, and we learn so many great things. I am so excited to make some awesome changes to my business including a name change. Shellee threw her point and shoot camera in her back pack, and here are some quick snap shots we took along the way!

I have never really liked my business name. It is very touchy feely!!! And, if you know me, you know that is not me at all. I feel like over the past 5 years I have put so much time and money into marketing that name that I was stuck with it. Well, I have decided to jump off the boat and make the change I have always wanted to. So, I am excited to announce that my new name is

On another note, I am excited to take off this Saturday for a 9 day Caribbean cruise with my husband and our best friends. We will be back on April 11, so watch for some tropical pictures to be posted after that. Ships Ahoy...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mike & Sarah Salt Lake City Temple

Mark, one of my candid shooters and I went down to Salt Lake City to photograph Mike and Sarah.
I have had so much fun with Mike and Sarah over the past few months. They are soooo likable, and they are always so much fun to be around. They chose the perfect day to get married. It was beautiful and warm and sunny, and we even found some flowers in bloom on temple grounds. These two are just as happy as they could be. Mark even said that they were a fun couple to be around! Here are a few shots from the day.

Best Buds!!!

The pictures of Mike and Sarah's wedding will be coming latter this afternoon. I met Megan at a wedding we did last fall for her sister-in-law. She has some beautiful kids, and I was so excited when she called me to take pictures of them. Olivia and Jake were so much fun. I could have taken pictures of Olivia all day long!!! She is so beautiful and her and I got to be good little friends. Jake was quite a character. He was all about being funny!!!! He made me laugh and there are more pictures of him laughing than anything else. Megan said that Olivia and Jake are best little buddies, and you can really see that in these pictures. They really like each other and they had so much fun together during the photo shoot. Here are a couple of my favorite shots...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Flowers...

Today I went down to Salt Lake with my candid shooter Mark. We shot a really run couple at the Salt Lake Temple. The grounds were beautiful as always, but it was SOOOOOO much fun to see the spring flowers beginning to bloom. Winter seems like it has been long this year, and down in Salt Lake the grass is green and the flowers are popping right out of the ground. I will be upload some pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pretty in Pink

So tonight I did the engagement pictures of Jason and Casey. I had sooooo much fun. It was a beautiful evening and it is finally starting to feel like spring. We went to this really cool building that Casey found. These two are great candid subjects! They were so into each other and there were so many times that they were enjoying the moment and they seemed to be in their own little world. They have so much fun with each other and they clearly have an amazing relationship. They are for sure BEST FRIENDS!

Fun Fun Fun...

This was an amazing event that I got to cover this weekend. Dawn and chase seem like they have been together forever. They are so in love and they are sooooo meant for each other. I had a blast with them. We spent the entire day with them (about 9 hours) out in Newton. What a beautiful town. It felt like home out there to me after growing up in a small town in Wyoming. These were some of my favorite pictures from the day...

Such a beautiful dress!!! This is among one of my favorite dress pictures I have ever taken...

This is Megan my candid shooter. She and I have so much fun. She was waiting for the ceremony to start! We have such a great time at every wedding...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Future Model

This weekend I was able to photograph a really really fun wedding out in Newton Utah. My candid shooters Megan and Heather and I had a blast. They were such a fun crowd! I will put some of the pictures of their wedding up tomorrow...

Sharidan is one of my favorite seniors portrait girls. I first met her taking the Brigham City Dance team pictures a few years ago. She is the type of girl that really stands out in a crowd... She is BEAUTIFUL! Today I am designing her a wall collage and I thought I would share it with you! She is not only a beautiful girl, but she is a fantastic dancer. We had a blast taking these pictures, and it is every bit as fun to see all of them together in the collage.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Cute and a BUTTON

These are some adorable kids that I get to photograph from time to time. We did all of these pictures with natural light. It was so much fun and they could not be more cute!